Is Eco-Friendly Fashion Back In Style

Accessories have been around since the beginning of time. Accessories can be defined as a means to blend or complement an article of clothing. The use of accessories is to add to the appeal and style of an article of clothing. Accessories can be used to create an outfit, to accessorize particular pieces of clothing or to dress down the entire outfit. Accessories are now a staple element of every woman’s wardrobe.

When looking back over the history of accessories, the biggest trends seem to happen in the realm of fashion and/or celebrity culture. In the summertime, everyone was hitting the beach and hitting up all the beach-themed shops to get their Board shorts, T-shirts and tank tops in the hottest patterns and shades. Accessories caught on and were a must in every beach-themed wardrobe. Then, in the fall and winter, these trends slow down. Accessories became more for the celebrities and the fashionistas on the red carpet.

This past fall, the big breakout was the “prison-Luxe Virus Control,” which had everything that you’d expect from a fashion statement: quilted cotton-henna, stiletto backpacks, corseted leather jackets, quilted wool sweaters and more. However, it also had something that no one had ever seen before, it was the gorgeous black and white sewing job done by co-workers and close friends who chose to give it to her just before her big day! Needless to say, it won’t be coming back this year, but the color is still one that is coveted by everyone in the fashion industry.

Fashion weeks are not only about the runway and what clothes designers are putting out there, they’re about trying to make a bold statement with their accessories. In the case of theyles mentioned above, some of them (like the “prison-Luxe”) took a while to find their way into mainstream fashion, but once they did, they were a big hit. In many cases, they were so popular that even the die-hard traditionalists couldn’t stop promoting them. There has never been a better time to dabble in eco-friendly fashion, because many companies are going green and using organic materials and other resources where possible, and there are many DIY (do-it-yourself) options available.

The best accessory trends come out at fashion week, and what may be hot one season might be completely ignored the next. After all, what’s trendy today might not be considered trendy next week, depending on how designers decide to incorporate it into their designs. However, fashion gurus agree that the best accessory trends always come back around at least one year later. What’s hot now might be next year’s must-have.

Last year, pandemic fashion was all over the news. The global scare caused lots of people to take stock of their fashion hygiene and those who didn’t heed the warning wore clothes that had no defense against the swine flu. Fortunately, the pandemic didn’t last long, and normal clothes aren’t required to protect you from the flu. However, people are still urged to use special gear when going through the regular wardrobe changes. For instance, those who are planning to go on a trip or a business trip should consider purchasing all of their luggage in one bulk, and stock up on bamboo flip flops, sunglasses, eco-friendly clothes, and other accessories that will keep them comfortable and prevent them from getting sick.