How Beauty Trends Are Evolved In This Modern World

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective, as it relies on the individual’s point of view and not necessarily agreed upon by others. Beauty therefore is subjective, and in today’s society where appearances can be compared to a currency (i.e. monetary value), Beauty is judged and sometimes judged without personal sense or experience.

Beauty has been an ever-evolving concept that has taken many forms throughout history. Beauty across the board has been a constant. Beauty has been in the minds of men and women throughout recorded human history. Beauty has evolved and changed as society has changed. Beauty trends in society have changed drastically and often times greatly impact our lives.

Beauty trends are most often associated with a particular era or culture. Beauty trends such as: puberty, beauty queens, music, bodybuilding, and more are all a part of beauty trends. Beauty trends are usually associated with societal changes and beauty trends like puberty; these are changes that take place naturally in our bodies/minds/spirit and are often times dictated by cultural factors. Beauty trends like puberty are most often connected to changes that take place due to personal feelings and social/psychological/emotional factors.

Beauty is almost always defined by what a person does not have rather than what they have. Beauty may only be perceived as the absence of something or someone. Beauty then is not so much defined by outward appearances but is defined by inner beauty. It is the inner beauty that can’t be seen that is most often the true indicator of beauty. Beauty should not be based on the visual appeal of a person as beauty should be defined by what a person is made of, not their appearance.

Beauty trends come and go in a society. These trends are usually supported by advertising in society. Advertising in today’s society supports beauty trends that are not healthy but instead support superficial beauty for the sake of superficiality. The objectification of beauty through the advertisements is the main cause of beauty elitism in modern society.

Beauty trends are a part of how we see ourselves. Society, culture, and families define beauty through the images that we see in media, movies, music, and magazines. Beauty trends are a way for one society to define beauty in another and is usually connected with the idea of beauty that is the result of perfection, the exaggeration of the body, and the reduction of the body parts.