Fashion Trends In Japan, Our Future Fashion Superiors

Fashion is one of the most interesting conversations in Asia. Fashion in Japan is definitely different from fashion in Paris, London, New York or Tokyo. Japanese clothing is not based on trends; it is often unique and “old-fashioned”. Although many westerners may find certain styles absolutely adorable, I find them way over the top for me. Japanese designers often pay tribute to the art of garment making with vintage techniques and unique fabrics.

Fashion is no longer just about celebrities and models, but instead has taken on a new face thanks to the social media revolution. Fashionistas in Japan are paying a lot of attention to micro-blogging sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to keep up with the latest Japanese style trends. Fashionistas, especially the teenagers, also pay a lot of attention to online magazines like Nikkei Girls, Machico, Baby Cow and StyleKano that specialize in Japanese style.

Today, many fashionable teenagers in Japan wear oversized t-shirts, worn-out velour tracksuits with their school uniforms or work wear, or fuzzy socks. Shorts are popular as well, with people wearing them to work and then going home in them. TikTok inspired fashion trends include polo shirts, bow-ties and velour tracksuits with quirky prints on them. Some of these clothes are even worn as kimonos!

The key trend in Japanese clothing of the future is hipster styles that can be both worn in the day and also in the evening. The main areas of focus for this kind of fashion are denim and layered cuts. One of the most popular items in the denim department for 2021 is the cropped leggings, which look cute and are very comfortable to wear during the daytime. These cropped leggings are so versatile that they can be worn for casual work, for an afternoon at the club, or for an evening party with friends.

The second of the major Japanese fashion trends for the coming years is called “Zuka”. This design features bright colours like pinks, yellows, blues and ochre and was created by renowned designers Tomomi Itani and Keisuke Uesaki. Zuka is very unique as the two creators have created the app exclusively for women.

Fashionistas are now speculating as to whether the creation of the app could be the start of a bold new Japanese fashion trend, or if it will simply be another one amongst a number of successful apps that were launched in recent months. It is safe to say that it will be another hit for the creators, who have created a really attractive app based on current popular Japanese culture. This autumn will no doubt present us with exciting fashion trends that will leave us spellbound.