Artificial Intelligence In The Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence (IA) is transforming the retail sector. Deep Artificial Intelligence is now being used to create creative outputs; activities that were previously thought exclusive only to humans. In particular, artificially intelligent adversarial network (GANs) an Artificial Intelligence(IA) technology, highly effective machine learning algorithms that can generate intelligence (ops), behavior, results, etc.. From unlabeled data sets, which is fed into large databases.

The fashion industry is one such field where Artificial Intelligence has been utilized for creativity purposes. Researchers in this field have developed a number of tools and methodologies for increasing human creativity. Some of these tools are used for making complex garments, making jewelry, etc. This enables designers and manufacturers to make innovative products. Another use is in improving the efficiency of retail sales by eliminating or minimizing the instances of human error and providing a better customer experience.

The fashion industry is not the only vertical where Artificial Intelligence is being utilized for creativity purposes. There are other verticals for which Artificial Intelligence is finding applications. Recently, Google has purchased Deep Learning Technologies (DLT), a machine intelligence company based in London. Google’s main goal in purchasing DLT was to apply its technology to other areas including speech recognition, self-driving cars, and self-driving trucks.

Another area where Artificial Intelligence has found application is in the field of product design. It can be used for helping to analyze design trends and suggesting changes in product designs. Product Designers rely heavily on machine learning tools for generating and managing design trends. These trends help in aligning the product with customer needs and thus improving customer experience and hence increasing sales.

Machine Learning can also be used for creating better solutions for supply chain. Supply chain processes such as automation and supply chain optimization (SCO) are largely dependent on efficient human supervision. By automating the process, companies reduce their operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence can be used for optimizing the quality of services provided by suppliers.

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to create a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in the fashion industry. By 2021, it is estimated that artificial intelligence will be the most important technology in the clothing industry. Artificial Intelligence will enable manufacturers to create better clothes, uniforms, accessories, and even healthcare products. By 2021, the cost of clothing will be reduced by at least three trillion dollars. Furthermore, with Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in the clothing industry, fashion designers will be able to generate more revenue. By then, the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the fashion industry will be far-reaching, and the possibilities for future growth will be limitless.