Trends On Recycle Your Beauty Products

There are many popular beauty trends that have been cropping up all over the world. With these trends come a lot of products which will most likely be popular among consumers and that are sold at a low price in the market. These popular trends will not last for very long because eventually they will […]


Green Beauty Therapy At Home

Dermaplaning is a non-surgical treatment that highlights the youthful appearance of the epidermis, making it appear smoother and younger-looking. Green beauty products and therapies at home are effective alternatives to costly dermatological procedures and treatments. Home and clinic Green Beauty treatments include skin cleansing and exfoliation, oxygen therapy using an ionic air generator, the Empowered […]


How Green Beauty Is For Natural Beauty

What exactly is green beauty anyway? Where does this new clean beauty trend heading? Green beauty generally is associated with eco-friendly beauty, natural beauty, and anything else that deviate from the normal. But at its heart, what exactly does the green beauty movement stand for? Green Beauty is about living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle […]


The Green Beauty Industry Is Here To Stay

There’s a trend currently going on in Western culture that’s sweeping across all major cities – “green beauty.” The green movement encompasses many ideals but it ultimately boils down to products which aren’t harmful to the earth and health. The trend started several years ago and has steadily gotten more popular, but has really taken […]


Green Beauty Takes You To The Promised Land

Green Beauty has become the buzzword in the beauty industry lately. With the growth of environmental awareness among consumers, organic skin care products have grown in popularity. Green beauty is a movement: a conscious effort by various beauty brands to only source the most durable, natural and organic ingredients as possible, so as to make […]


Is Eco-Friendly Fashion Back In Style

Accessories have been around since the beginning of time. Accessories can be defined as a means to blend or complement an article of clothing. The use of accessories is to add to the appeal and style of an article of clothing. Accessories can be used to create an outfit, to accessorize particular pieces of clothing […]